I am a coder, so I gotta have some projects right? I have indeed started the fair amount of projects, some finished, some abandoned and some still WIP. Here's my list.

Dog administration and matching tool (WIP)

For a foundation I volunteer for as a webmaster (read: posting the posts they write on Wordpress in a consistent manner) I found a big administration problem called Excel. This foundation searches new owners for dogs that need a new home when their owner has passed away, or can't keep it due to whatever reason. What they did was keep track of the dogs and the people searching for a new dog in a spreadsheet.

Therefore I decided it was time to keep track of the dogs and the people looking for a new dog in a web application. With this application the customers could be matched more easily with a dog. Besides that I also made it so that it generated the story about the dog automatically so I could post this more easily on the website.


  • Spring Boot
  • Angular

Recurring tasks management tool (WIP)

In our household we had a few tasks that had to be done every few weeks, months or even once a year. To keep track of these tasks I wanted to create an app where users can create such tasks and set how often they have to be executed.

Some household things even contain multiple tasks, so I wanted to make templates too where users could add multiple (existing or new) tasks to a collection. This collection can then be used again when, for example, buying a new car.